Luggage tags made by a 12 year old – all proceeds go to charity!


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Our younger son, Tom, recently returned from school, telling us all about The Tenner Challenge, an initiative designed to get children to try their hand at entrepreneurship. Students are given £10 to invest in a product or service, and to see what they can turn that sum into in just 4 weeks. Tom has decided that he wants to take part by making luggage tags and “promoting them on Daddy’s blog”, so here goes…!

After watching various YouTube videos, he has decided to make them out of duck tape which is, of course, inexpensive.

We’ve had to have a few words about how careful he needs to be using a Stanley knife!

He’s learnt a lesson or two in product development and, after a number of design tweaks (he initially used Velcro for the fastening but found that was a little too strong and becoming detached from the tape!) has opted for using string instead.

And here is the final product.

He has decided to sell these for £1 each £3 each [see footnote below] (plus P&P at cost, and he’ll send to anywhere in the world!). He has been asked how much of the profits he would like to go to charity, and has opted for 100% to go to Macmillan, a UK charity offering cancer care and support. If you would like one of these luggage tags (or more than one!), please comment below or contact me here and I’ll pass your message on.

Thank you. :)

Footnote: Tom has had far more orders for luggage tags than he expected with more than 30 orders coming in the first few hours! Whilst that’s great news, he still unfortunately needs to do his homework after school each evening, as well as make his luggage tags, so we hope you don’t mind but he’s changing the price to £3 per tag. Please rest assured that 100% of the profits will still go to the Macmillan charity.

Here’s the latest batch of tags Tom has made.

And here’s Tom with the tags.

He also wanted a picture with our dog, George, but – being a Springer Spaniel – he was a little reluctant to sit still!

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